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Welcome to wonderland.

Wonder Academy empowers young entrepreneurs with expert business content, personalized mentorship, and pitch training.

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Everything you need to succeed.

Whether you need help thinking of a business idea, preparing for a pitch competition, or writing about an entrepreneurial journey for a college essay - you are in the right place. Explore the free Wonder Academy library of founder videos or book a 1:1 mentor session.

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free founder video library

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summer camp (CA)

“My biggest support throughout the entrepreneurial journey has been Wonder Academy. Their resources helped me not only to build my company but also to grow as a young adult in business.

Jess (Founder of Wonder Academy) pushed me to create a product that looks professional and I feel more confident going into college next year.

Alexa F.
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy '19 | Syracuse '23
Founder, Audrey's Accessories

meet some of our wonderful school partners

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The Marlborough School logo
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“Jess was an invaluable resource as we launched our Accelerator Program. Her experience as an educator paired with her expertise in business and entrepreneurship resulted in incredibly engaging and effective workshops and mentoring sessions.

Students easily grasped the concepts and left each Wonder Academy lesson with clear direction on how to apply the concepts to their business.

I cannot overstate how grateful I am for Wonder Academy.
Jess elevated our program to a level that would not have been possible without her.

Dr. Lee Mirsky
Associate Director of the Frank & Eileen Accelerator
Marlborough School
Inspire your students to be entrepreneurial.

Wonder Academy partners with PK-12 educators to provide unparalleled entrepreneurship experiences in the classroom. In addition to our free pitch competition readiness curriculum and slide templates, we also offer on-site workshops, student mentoring packages, and custom hackathons. Send us a message or schedule a call with our founder (Jess Stokes) to get started.

Join a group of entrepreneurship educators.

Wonder Academy offers access to a virtual community of innovative PK-12 teachers who are supporting entrepreneurial students. As a member, you will have access to live support and exclusive resources that can help you answer questions like:

  • How can I find judges for a pitch competition?

  • Does my student need a business license to sell cupcakes?

  • What is the best way to teach competitive analysis to 8th graders?

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